Katja Leibenath Paintings

July 2017
Hello Summer!

My studio walls are empty, my inventory is low, and I've dropped off most paintings at the SF MOMA artists gallery at Fort Mason.

There might be a pop up show this summer, then Open Studios in fall, but other than that, my calendar is completely clear.
This is really exciting, as it means I have a lot of room and a lot of time to paint, which is the best possible start into a long and productive painting summer!!

Here's what I'm doing: I'm working on more Small Figures and Standing Figures and Large Figures and all kinds of other figures and I can't seem to stop.
I also have some large landscapes and cityscapes on the walls to be slowly finished by fall.

More info on the SF MOMA artists gallery here, please contact them for any purchases on larger pieces. Also, for the first time ever I have posted all currently available work here, with more information on how to purchase.

Come by visit the studio to see what I'm up to, more info below, or email me if you are interested in viewing or purchasing a piece and not sure how to do it.

All the best, have a wonderful summer!

email: Katja@KatjaLeibenath.com

Let's stay in touch via my Facebook page, and you can also find me on Instagram: @katjaleibenathpaintings.

To schedule a studio visit, please click here.

For corporate rentals please contact
MOMA Artists Gallery
415.441.4777, artistsgallery@sfmoma.org

For staging inquiries please contact
Curated State
415.254.4754, courtney@curatedstate.com