NEW NEW NEW - part of what needs to be drying until April 2023

March 1 2023

Dear friends,

I'm so excited to be painting on all these new paintings, I don't seem to have time to update all my pages as much as I'd like to!!

Traveling soon, back in early April. The new medium and large figures seem to be working so far, so I am cautiously optimistic :)

The Valentine's prints were a big hit and are sold out, THANK YOU!, but as we all learned last time, we always keep spares, and after everything is shipped and received, the spares show up on the Sebastian Foster website for about ten minutes. If you want to hear about when that is going to happen, please sign my email list (thank you for signing up!).

Hoping to see you in April, I would love to host a few events to revive the San Francisco Spring Open Studios in-person tradition.

I send out notes to my list about six to eight times per year. Feel free to follow along on Instagram if you prefer more frequent updates. A short list of helpful links can be found here.